Leisa’s Creative spirit was instilled in her at an early age

by two very creative parents.


“Art was all around me from as early as I can remember, and I was always encouraged to explore and create without boundaries. I was very fortunate to grow up on a rural property which was a breeding ground for creativity. Natural resources were in abundance and throughout my art career I’ve preferred natural found materials to build my works with or as the inspiration behind a concept.”

Leisa Russell nurturing bonsai.jpg


Leisa has a varied skill base and works in a variety of mediums and size ranges. From life-size bronzes to her fine sterling silver rings, one thing becomes quite evident. She has an enormous enthusiasm for exploring and mixing mediums and a strong passion for portraying a message and self-expression.

Leisa Russell_sculptures_.jpg


Having a healthy respect for nature and developing a strong sense of self are two values Leisa embraces in life.

As a sculptor, she describes her three dimensional work as a porthole to her inner thoughts, feelings and philosophies and enjoys the opportunity it presents to connect with others through life experience.


“There is so much more to creating sculpture than just the original concept. Size, medium, colour and audience all have to be considered carefully as each plays an important role in the final outcome and success of the piece."

Leisa Russell_Bronze horse


The One Rock Ring collection is a unique and intriguing collaboration between eclectic style and tactile influence. All are beautifully crafted in solid sterling silver. 

“I enjoy the pairing of unlikely materials such as porcelain, wood or goat hair with the silver. The outcome can be quite stunning.”

Many of the concepts behind her designs are influenced by natural texture and form that are styled around a theme or an inclusion.

“Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere! In the bark of a tree, the zigzagging taper of a leaf, the jagged lines of rock or the repetitive facets of a colourful gemstone”


Growing up on a rural property was a constant source of inspiration for Leisa, giving her a healthy respect for nature and the land that surrounded her.  After inheriting all of her mothers unwanted plants, Leisa set about taking as many cuttings as she could before they moved away which led to her creating bonsais from the abundance of trees she produced. Leisa then began to teach herself how to grow and manicure the young trees and soon with her love for creating ceramics in so many forms, she began to design her own vessels to house them.


leisa russell_one rock rings.jpeg

When childhood memories linger on enough to ignite life long passions, amazingly beautiful works of art can be created. 

"My love for clay started early on in life with my Mother being a hobby potter. She would attempt to keep my sister and I occupied with clay in the holidays but it always ended in a fight between us, throwing clay or rubbing it in each others hair, so her ‘pottery’ became her private domain, her escape from Us!"

Now Leisa loves creating her own one off pieces, each being unique, making her fall in love with each and every one of them every time. As precious as they are, they will grow to become your favourite bowl, dish or plate to eat from.

Leisa Russell_ceramics_ceramic bowls_cer
Leisa Russell_One Rock Bonsai_Bonsai Gro

“I love creating artwork that people can interact with. Observing an audience’s ability to see, feel and connect with an artwork can be one of the most rewarding aspects for any artist.”

Leisa Russell_Tactile Motifts Leaf.jpeg


This is a beautiful collection of porcelain artworks featuring textured and marbled tiles inspired by natural found objects and the beauty in nature.

Each piece is uniquely individual and has been lovingly hand crafted and framed in Australian Red oak.
These intriguing curiosities would compliment any style of interior space or home adding that finishing touch to an office, children’s room or living space.


NEW OLD WOOD reflects Leisa’s love of antiques and her passion for bringing new life to old timber furniture.


“Whether it be a new painted finish or the addition of a beautiful mosaic inclusion, reviving these special pieces brings me such pleasure. “

Leisa Russell_Now New Old Wood.jpeg