This is a beautful magnolia specimen which produces large deep purple, narrow petaled blooms in early spring. It is featured in a handmade spekled grey ceramic vessel which features a powder blue texture design around the edge.

Because this variety is deciduous, the tree will lose it's foliage through late autumn and winter. Afterwhich you wll be surpised with it's stunning large flowers followed by bright green new growth.

There is a ceramic well, rocks, and lush moss around the base of the tree creating a mesmerizing landscape even when the tree goes into it's dormancy in the cooler months.


Total Height 74cm  Pot Dia 30cm


  • Because we want the very best for our beautiful Bonsai Trees so we send along a little gift to assist you with caring for your new tree. It will include instructions on the care and maintenance as well as watering and fertilising. Remember we are only an email away and are happy to give advice and the opportunity to assist you with the ongoing treatment of your Bonsai.