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This lovely species of tree is steeped in history. "Cedrus Deodara" cedrus meaning cedar and deodara is from the sanskrit word meaning "Timber of the Gods". Himalayan Cedar forests were a favourite meditation place for ancient Indian Sages and the Deodara is well recorded in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for it's curative properties. It has many uses and it's oils included in incense, perfumes, soap, insecticides and timber polishes.

It is a very polpular tree for bonsai and can live up to 600 years old and is the national tree of Pakistan.

The silvery blue green foliage adds to the beauty of this bonsai and the white pebbles around the base of it's trunk enhances the texture and colour of the handmade ceramic pot.


Total Height 52cm  Pot Dia 23cm


  • Because we want the very best for our beautiful Bonsai Trees, we send along a little gift to assist you with caring for your new tree. It will include instructions on the care and maintenance as well as watering and fertilising. Remember we are only an email away and are happy to give advice and the opportunity to assist you with the ongoing treatment of your Bonsai.