Diameter: 11cm 

Height: 5.5cm 


Driving through the country side is one of my most enjoyable time outs.

The unexpected surprises around every bend, rolling fields, cliffs and rocky outcrops, native
forests, and the simple beauty of a lone tree perched on a hilltop or nestled in a paddock
providing much appreciated shade for lazing cows, fills me with inspiration and a sense of

Trees are such a sculptural element on the landscape, transforming their surroundings and
creating a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

Australia’s ever changing landscapes and terrains play a significant part in the design of my
collections of ‘One Rock Bonsai’ Pots.

The raw beauty of the clays, and the quirky, rustic, smooth, and rugged textures enhanced
by the minimal use of colour, bounce between subtlety and drama.

By combining Texture, Form and Colour these hand made ‘One of a Kind’ pots look amazing
with all indoor/outdoor plants including succulents and herbs.

They are a statement piece all on their own, however, when you find the perfect plant or
tree to compliment them, their impact is instant adding a huge ‘WOW’ factor to any decor.